11 Years of Road Life with Solar!

Last month, we celebrated 11 years of living and working from the road, our "Nomadiversary” if you will, with our tiny canned-ham style camper that we lovingly refer to as “Hamlet.”   We've had the great fortune to travel all over the North American continent – all 50 US states and 10 Canadian provinces – and have taken Hamlet to all 51 of the US national parks you can drive to, as well as 14 Parks Canada national parks.  And, we have plans to go to Baja this winter! Being early adopters of the solar powered road life, we now have over a decade of experience living, working, and traveling off-grid, as well as teaching others how to make the most of what solar power can do!  In addition to this blog, we share our adventures and seminars through our website , monthly newsletter , and social media handle “ Freedom in a Can .”   The Renogy solar team recently asked us some burning questions about our journey, so we thought we'd share our answers with you too. Note: We have